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The political situation needs a strong communist movement in order to fight exploitation in the field of politics effectively. The communist idea must be propagated as well as it is necessary to bring the critique of the system of exploitation and the alternatives to it home to the people. Everyone is called to join in the work for this task. As our contribution for this we provide here several materials of the CPP for download. They can be used directly, but also as a suggestion for making one's own information material (©). Therefore also materials of past campains can be found here.
The materials for download are in ZIP format. For using them they must be extracted. For that an extraction program like PKUNZIP or WINZIP is necessary. All text materials are files in MS Word 6.0 or RTF format and can be read and printed by any MS Word compatible text processing program. Possibly needed TTF font files are enclosed in the archives. The formatting of the texts depends on the used printer driver and must possibly be adapted individually.



Criminal System: Information that anti-war protest is not enough (topical!!!)

Wanted!: About the war against Iraq (topical!!! - German)

Contact leaflet: Fundamentals to the topic Communists (always topical - German)

Back to the nature?: Flyer about ones own responsibility for environmental conservation (always topical - German)

Living individually and free: Flyer about the basic values of communism (always topical - German)

Friendship contra drugs: Flyer as encouragement to renounce drugs (always topical - German)

Hatred makes blind: Flyer against fascism (always topical - German)

Own thinking makes smart!: Flyer for thinking instead of believing (always topical - German)

Plebiscites: Flyer for the fight for a constitutional guarantee of the right to plebiscites (always topical - German)

No export of weapons: Flyer against the German exports of weapons (always topical - German)

Without communism no future: Flyer about the evils of the society of exploitation (always topical - German)

Protest is important: Appeal to the leftist youth to organise (always topical - German)

Who are you?: Question of conscience to the reader (always topical - German)

Unemployed: Unemployment as flaw of the system, not of policy (always topical - German)

Environmental conservation: About the topics environment, car, greens (always topical - German)

No more socialist experiments!: Flyer for clear delimitation agains "turn-communists", using a well-known CDU-slogan (always topical - German)

Caution! Communists!: Flyer for satirical treatment of rightists and "normal" anti-communists (always topical - German)

Communist defeats: To the history of communism (always topical - German)

To the day of German stupidity: About the East-West topic and the "re-unification" (3 October in every year - German)

Wanted!: About the NATO war against Yugoslavia (1./2. quarter 1999 - German)

End the war!: Together with the GCP and the CPG in the region Halle-Merseburg against the NATO war against Yugoslavia (1./2. quarter 1999 - German)



Caution! Communists!: Satirical treatment of rightists and "normal" anti-communists (always topical - German)

Taxes, pensions, unemployment: About the topic political unwillingness (always topical - German)

Politicians are swindlers: About the topic political unwillingness (always topical - German)



Manifesto, program and statute of the CPP: The basic documents of the CPP (German)


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