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The various organisations of the CPP took a series of resolutions concerning organisation, development and ongoing political work, of which the most important ones are presented here.


General organisation

GO-00/1996: Manifesto of the Communist Program Party

GO-01/1996: Program of the Communist Program Party

GO-02/1996: Statute of the Communist Program Party

GO-06/1996: Structure of territorial coordination councils and the general coordination council

GO-08/1996: Storage of resolutions

GO-09/1996: Documentation and protocollation

GO-10/1996: Listing of directives

GO-11/1996: Listing of funktionaries

GO-12/1996: Marking of mail

GO-13/1996: Open messages to the CP of China and the CP of Cuba on the occation of the foundation of the Communist Program Party

GO-15/1996: Topical plan of the Communist Program Party

GO-16/1996: Contents of grass roots work

GO-17/1996: Methods of public relations work

GO-18/1996: Foundation of general services

GO-19/1996: Determination of standpoints

GO-20/1996: Construction of a general language

GO-21/1996: Donation code

GO-02/1997: Equality of sexes

GO-02/1998: Standpoint manipulism

GO-02/2000: Political training material

GO-03/2000: Presence in usenet newsgroups

GO-04/2000: Digitalisation of literature

GO-06/2000: Internet forum as main platform of the innerparty communication

GO-07/2000: Frame planning of the party study

GO-01/2001: Author directives for The red Virus


NO Germany

NO-DE-01/1996: Rules of the Communist Program Party

NO-DE-03/2001: Topical program What has to change in Germany

NO-DE-04/2001: Solidarity with Ringo Ehlert


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