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Salute Comrades and Friends!

Our Communist Program Party is a small, but proud communist party. It was founded on May 1, 1996 in Merseburg / Germany after more than six years of theoretical preparation. We don't have any illusions about our chances and our influence. Therefore we see our task mainly in preparing and promoting the communist world outlook and in elaborating theoretical contributions to the communist movement.

We see ourselves as an integral part of the communist movement. Therefore sectarianism is far from us, and we try to come to talks with all communist groups and organisations. Nevertheless we possess an own characteristics within the communist movement, wich is described by our three basic documents.


¤ Manifesto

Our Manifesto describes the reasons for the foundation of our party, our basic ideological positions, and our relation to other political positions. The Manifesto is the declaration of foundation of the CPP.

¤ Program

Our Program describes the social goal of our party, it is a theory of the communist society. The Program gave the CPP its name, because only by its goal communism can be clearly defined and distinguished from other social movements.

¤ Statute

Our Statute describes the organisation structure of our party. The Statute carries out our ideas of the political mechanism of the communist society already today within the CPP.


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