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Salute, Comrades and Friends!

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We greet all people, who think on their own, who do not listen to lies and who search for an alternative to the society of exploitation.

We greet all upright people, who fight for a just and peaceful society without exploitation and without war.

We greet all people, who can still dream and who commit themselves for the realisation of their dream of a better world.

We greet all comrades, who offer resistance against the destruction of the communist idea by reformists within their rows.

We greet all comrades, who steadfastly wait in the prisons and camps of the exploiters for the day of their freedom.

We greet all comrades, who bravely fight with weapons in their hands in the woods, the mountains and the plains, because as Communists they are not allowed to live in peace in their countries.

Especially we want to greet the Communists of Afghanistan, Iran and Saudi-Arabia, as well as the few true Communists of China, Korea, Vietnam and Cuba, and we want to wish them luck for their struggle against the external and internal enemies of Communism.

With communist greetings
Communist Program Party

General organisation



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