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The CPP has taken part in federal elections one time and in local elections one time in Germany so far. Also in the future we will nominate our candidates for elections in order to give the people a real alternative to the bourgeois parties.

Election results



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According to its self-obligation and according to the Federal Parties Law of the Federal Republic of Germany the CPP lays open its finances. The balances and gain and loss calculations of the CPP contain detailed information about the earned funds and about their expenditure. Furtherleading information can be obtained at the General Coordination Council.
It must be noted that takings of the CPP from print media and other original materials of any kind are excludingly prime cost refunds. The same goes also for resold products of commercial vendors. They are neither donations according to the Federal Parties Law nor revenue from commercial business according to the Code of Commerce. The CPP gains no profit at all this way, instead it often bears additional costs itself. Because the VAT is already included in the raw material, no additional VAT must be paid by the CPP itself.

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