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Contact to the CPP

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Everyone who wants to deal relevantly with our ideas, is welcome. We gladly answer questions and discuss hints, ideas, opinions and critiques.

However, we search not only for an exchange of views, but we wish most of all people being willing to take part in our work. We need:

¤ new members
¤ translations of our documents and articles into English, Spanish, French and other languages
¤ articles for The red Virus
¤ distributors of leaflets


Interested? Then volunteer!

Here you can contact us:

¤ Address: Communist Program Party, P.O. box 1450, 06204 Merseburg, Germany
¤ Telephone/Fax: +49 (0)721 - 151 260 460
¤ Internet:


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Contact to other Leftists

There is a multitude of communist, left-wing and progressive parties, organisations, movements and groups. Some of them, which can be reached via the internet, shall here be introduced. The listing doesn't mean a recommendation by the CPP, just as little as the missing of certain links should be misunderstood as negative evaluation. This list is only meant as a help for contacting via the internet and informing oneself self-responsibly about the left spectrum worldwide and in one's own homeland. The CPP doesnt accept any liability for the contents of the listed webpages.

For better orientation the listed groups are marked with a categorisation. For this three notes are necessary.
Firstly categorisation of a group doesn't mean a positive or negative evaluation, but shall only show the approximate political standpoint. Here we let us guide usually by the self-understanding of the ones concerned, insofar no essential difference to the actual appearance shows up.
Secondly categorisation into a special category must no be understood absolutly, but as rough indication of the direction. Of course political groups have a partially even considerable political spectrum of members. And also the ideas of a group may vary over different directions according to the subject.
Thirdly this categorisation is our view of the things, in which we try hard to keep objectivity. Very probably several groups will not at all appreciate to find themselves in the same category like certain others. They should comfort themselves with the fact that the visitors can feel free to judge themselves.

Following categories are used:

Mark Direction Explanation
L Leninist
  • communist groups with revolutionary programmatics, using the complete spectrum of political action
  • often orientation problems as a result of the breakdown of realsocialism
R Revolutionary
  • left-communist groups with actively revolutionary programmatics, tending to strong actionism
  • often very diffuse programmatics with main stress on revolutionary mass actions
W Western
  • right-communist groups with more or less revolutionary programmatics, which are fully integrated into the system of western parliamentarism and which practically don't make any revolutionary policy in their political course of activity anymore
  • often strong difference between self-understanding and reality
S Stalinist
  • strong centralised, restaurative groups, refering to Stalin and Lenin and seeing themselves as keeper of the values of the October Revolution and realsocialism
  • often characterised by strong personality cult and orthodox dogmatism
T Trotzkist
  • left-communist, more or less militant, proletarian groups with vulgarrevolutionary programmatics, refering to Trotzki and Lenin
  • goal is the revolution
  • many factions partially waging a furious war against each other
M Maoist
  • left-communist, more or less militant groups with revolutionary programmatics, refering to Mao
  • wide spectrum from militarily active to parlamentarily active
A Anarchist
  • left-wing, more or less militant groups with revolutionary programmatics, aiming at the abolition of any hierarchical social order
  • extraordinarily wide spectrum from disciplined political to vulgar groups, from scientific-political programmatics to antisociality
N Nationalist
  • left-wing, more or less militant groups with revolutionary programmatics, aiming at the liberation of their peoples from national supression
  • wide spectrum from national-communist to national-democratic
D Democratic
  • left-socialist groups with social-democrat programmatics, having abandoned the goal of revolution, but strive for a just society
  • wide spectrum from reform-communist to social-democrat
U Unclarified
  • Information is not enough to evaluate

Here now the lists:








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