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Also under today's conditions of a society of exploitation much can be done in order to drive back the exploitation and to improve the situation of the exploited and disadvantaged. For that we have developed topical programs on national, regional, and communal level. These topical programs comprise our demands and proposals concerning actuall topics and measures, which could be carried out already now, within the society of exploitation, in the interest of the exploited and disadvantaged.


Germany (23057 bytes) What has to change in Germany
Saxony-Anhalt (6582 bytes) What has to change in Saxony-Anhalt
Merseburg (6794 bytes) What has to change in Merseburg


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One of the most important of our fields of work is the search for theoretical concepts for explaining our world and for establishing our practical political work.








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In order to provide arguments for daily discussion, we publish here also some e-books of Tec Dian.


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Splinters about world history


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Persons Back Resolutions


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