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Program of the Communist Program Party


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This program was accepted unanimously by the foundation members at the foundation of the Communist Program Party.

Merseburg, Germany, Europe, Terra 1 May 1996



Tec Dian
General organisation
Communist Program Party
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The Communist Program Party welcomes opinions, critiques, hints, proposals, contributions and corrections. They can be given to every party body and every party member or can be sent to: Communist Program Party, General organisation, 06204 Merseburg, PO-Box 1450.


Copyright © 1989-1996 by Tec Dian, Copyright © 1996 by Communist Program Party. This is an official document of the Communist Program Party. It may be distributed freely, but unaltered and complete. The use of this document, as a whole or in parts, for other organisations or parties is allowed only by explicit permission of the Communist Program Party and Tec Dian.


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